WAMP Server Installation

wamp install
WAMP server stand for Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP is one of the popular web server package used by many developer. WAMP server help developer to transform the personal computer to act as an development server by running the PHP, Apache and MySQL services. There are several alternative such as MAMP (for Mac), XAMPP etc. Download latest WAMP server from here: WAMP Server Homepage.
Execute WAMP server installation file (downloaded from WAMP server website) as provided above. Follow this instruction with screenshot:
wamp 1
 Accept the license agreement to continue installation (you may read the term if necessary)
wamp 2
Confirm the target destination for installation is “c:\wamp”. WAMP server will read and write all necessary files in this directory.
wamp 3
Create shortcut at desktop and quick launch for easy access to WAMP server application
wamp 4
Confirm the WAMP server installation target (go back to make any amendments)
wamp 5
Begin the installation and wait until complete
wamp 6
The WAMP server application will automatically execute after the installation is finish. If the application not execute automatically, navigate to start menu and search for WAMP server application. Once the WAMP server application execute, there is an icon in the taskbar to show the status of the WAMP server. The color of the icon indicates the WAMP server status:
wamp icon
Red: All services such as PHP, MYSQL & Apache not execute properly
Orange: Partial of the services is not execute properly (need to check)
Green: All services is execute properly without any issues

*Call instructor if your WAMP server is not on fully functioning mode
Now, after checking the WAMP server status, developer can access the WAMP server application through web browser by key-in “localhost ” or “” in the address bar. 
wamp access
PHP MyAdmin is use to manage the database structure for the website. Developer will access this page to extract al database information in order to have a backup for their project. This page is accessible through “localhost/phpmyadmin
wamp phpmyadmin
Good luck! :)
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