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windows grep
Searching a document is easy but to search any strings in document or files need the computer to index the files first and it take times. Windows Grep provides search function for any strings or text in any specific folder or files.
Windows Grep is distributed as shareware and available for download from and the size of this application is less than 1Mb. After complete downloading the application, run the installer and follow the instruction. Once complete the simple installation process, execute the application and the search assistant dialog box will appear. Type the words/ strings/ text that you want to search as shown below:
You can choose what type of search such as normal, soundex, and quick. Click next when you’ve key in the search string. Next, choose your folder where you need the search process begin. In this tutorial, I choose “ems” folder from “c:\wamp\www”. Ticked the box for search in sub-folder as shown below:
Next, identify the file types you want Windows Grep to search the search the strings. I use all file type mark as: *.* that will make Windows Grep to search all type f file for “favicon” string that I’ve set previously. Click Finish to begin the searching process.
After completed, Windows Grep will show the result as shown below. It will list every file that contain the search keyword and display total match. It also will highlight the search keyword in the preview panel.
Enjoy the function
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