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Cloud Storage has been widely accepted and used by millions of internet users especially those that have more than one electronic device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone etc.). With all those types of new gadget and devices, the access to information and file sharing has become more practical with the cloud storage technology. For me, I used cloud storage as a place for me to backup my data. Maybe some of the internet users used flash drive or external hard disc as a medium to do backup for their data. This tutorial will briefly discuss on how to use the Dropbox cloud storage as a medium to backup data from your computer or any mobile devices.

Go to official Dropbox website to sign-up as a free user at 


Figure 1.0: Dropbox registration

After sign-up, verify your email and you should be able to sign-in using your own username and password that has been registered previously. As a new user, you will get 2GB storage with unlimited bandwidth transfer rate.


Figure 2.0: Download Dropbox application

Now, download the Dropbox application which will enable user to set any folder that will automatically synchronize with the account (of course internet connection is compulsory for synchronize process).  All content will be upload into Dropbox storage and if there is any changes, the latest update file will be synchronize into the Dropbox storage. Example, your assignments folder can be synchronize with Dropbox and you still can access any files or data offline. Once you online, the Dropbox software will upload and synchronize the latest version of your assignment into the cloud storage. If your computer hard disc fail or lost your flash drive, all data still available in Dropbox!


Figure 3.0: Application folder setting

The setting for Dropbox application folder can be change at preferences – advance.

Although there are many different methods to do backup such as using the Xcopy command in CMD, it is recommend to use Dropbox because the advantage of cloud storage not only for backup but also the capability of synchronize with all type of device, desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone including Android and Apple. It means that there is cross platform of file synchronization. Moreover, it has the sharing function where you can easily share and make the files available for other to download or view.

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