1word to pdf
Converting a Microsoft Word document to PDF is easy since there is a lot of free online converter available ready to convert your document. However, users need to attach the document and submit to the website system in order to get the PDF format document. If the document is confidential document, it is not advisable to upload the document to any website that provide free online PDF converter. Microsoft already produce plug-in for Microsoft Office to save / save as document as PDF without internet connection.

wamp install
WAMP server stand for Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP is one of the popular web server package used by many developer. WAMP server help developer to transform the personal computer to act as an development server by running the PHP, Apache and MySQL services. There are several alternative such as MAMP (for Mac), XAMPP etc. Download latest WAMP server from here: WAMP Server Homepage.

dropbox backup2
Cloud Storage has been widely accepted and used by millions of internet users especially those that have more than one electronic device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone etc.). With all those types of new gadget and devices, the access to information and file sharing has become more practical with the cloud storage technology. For me, I used cloud storage as a place for me to backup my data. Maybe some of the internet users used flash drive or external hard disc as a medium to do backup for their data. This tutorial will briefly discuss on how to use the Dropbox cloud storage as a medium to backup data from your computer or any mobile devices.

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