3 Ways to Take a ScreenShot in Microsoft Windows OS

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Print screen is very important for users to capture something in the screen. Usually, users will used the print screen key a.k.a “PrtScn” to capture the screenshot and copy it into clipboard. However, the print screen button will capture the whole screen and users need to edit the screenshot according to the requirement.
There are 3 different methods to capture the screenshot in windows:
Full Screen Windows Screenshot
ps w full
This is the most popular method to capture screenshot among the Microsoft Windows users. This method will capture the whole screenshot with same resolution. Users only need to press the “PrtScn” or ‘’ Print Scr” button in keyboard (some keyboard required function key “Fn” to be press together with “PrtScn” button). Once user press the key, there is NO confirmation dialog will display. User need to open any image editing tools such as Ms Paint or Adobe Photoshop and paste (ctrl+v) the screenshot in the editing tools.
One Windows Screenshot
Most of the users only know that they can have a screenshot by press the “PrtScn” as shown in first method. However, if users need to capture only single windows (application interface), then they can press “alt” + “PrtScn” button. User will not receive any confirmation that the screenshot has been taken. The screenshot has been copied to clipboard and users only need to paste the screenshot to any image editing software.
Snipping Tool
Snipping tool is available in Windows 7 and 8 but not in XP. To use the snipping tool, users need to execute the application first. Navigate to Start Menu – All Programs – Accessory – Snipping Tool. Using the snipping tools marker, select the screen that users need to capture.
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