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Using Joomla!, developer easily can manage their website content based on the categories and the article manager make the process easier. This tutorial discussed about how to post an article starting from craetion of category menu to access the article at front-end. In Joomla!, every article need to be assign into category and every category can have more than one article to be publish. 
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To create a category, navigate to content → category manager and click NEW

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Create new category for example, ‘Animal’ where this category is acting as parent category for all article that is related to any types of animals. *The title field is compulsory. After fill-in the category title, click save and close button.

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Now, we have the category for ‘Animals’. This category is used to store all article related to any species of animals. Next step is to create an article for our website! Navigate to content → article manager and click NEW

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A. Title – Compulsory to fill-in. Give the title for your article. E.g: Tiger
B. Choose the category that you want this article to be publish. E.g: Animals
C. Type the article to post
D. Editor for article. Basic function for Bold, italic, underline, center etc.
E. After completed type the article and do some editing, click save and closed to save and return to article manager.

The ‘Tiger’ article will show as published under ‘Animals’ category as shown below:

joomla 15


The categories and articles are unlimited. You can create as much categories as you want as long as it is relevant. Good luck!

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