new article post
Using Joomla!, developer easily can manage their website content based on the categories and the article manager make the process easier. This tutorial discussed about how to post an article starting from craetion of category menu to access the article at front-end. In Joomla!, every article need to be assign into category and every category can have more than one article to be publish. 

local install
Joomla is one of the most famous Content Management System (CMS). As the emergence of web technology rapidly changed and the management of content has become a major concern. Joomla provide the ability for developer to create a website complete with all basic solution especially in managing the content and user control.  Starting from Joomla 1.x, now Joomla 3.x which focus on mobile ready view and more users friendly.  This tutorial aims to go step by step on how to install Joomla 3.x into localhost web server.

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