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Uploading a file in CakePHP is easy with plugin. Developer also can create a PHP upload script but why we need to reinvent the wheel as there is a lot of free plugin available to assist file upload in CakePHP framework. In this tutorial, i used Upload Plugin 2.0 for cakePHP 2.x by josegonzalez which i already fork here:

Bootstrap is a front-end framework and free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions. It also provides a faster, easier, and less repetitive solution to presentation, which will no doubt appeal to any seasoned web/app developer. The main features offered by bootstrap are:


CakePHP are able to calculate total days based on date input from users by using the standard PHP diff class. Assume there is a table that stored employee leaves and the input is date start and date end for employees’ leaves. So, we going to create a simple calculation process that will calculate the total days of leaves for the employee based on the date input and store the total into ‘days’ column in database. These operation need developers to modify the controller as the calculation need to be done in the controller before stored into database.

Providing a search function that searches your database is a strategy that offers users a way to find content. Users can locate content by searching for specific name phrases, without needing to understand or navigate through the structure of the Web application system. In this case, the search function will do searching based on the username. This search function is develop using the plugin developed by CakeDevelopment Corporation (CakeDC) where this plugin is free and available to be download from Github website.

input label
CakePHP will generate the field label based on the attribute name in database table. However, in the database, the name for each field has been truncated for example the “Identity Card Number” has been truncate as “icno” in the database table. This field name will confuse the user if there is no proper name for the particular field.

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