When baking a project with CakePHP, the default view for date is shown as single select for month, day and year. Developer can change this view into a datepicker which is more attractive and easy to use. Read this post for more information on how to change the CakePHP date picker.

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age calculator 2
This tutorial teach how to create a simple calculation system using PHP math function to display the total years, months and days based on the date of birth input. I use standard HTML form to capture the input such as the day, month and year of birth. Based on this input, I created a simple calculation function to calculate the different from current date with the date of birth date.

css3 menu
Dropdown menus are an excellent feature in website because it helps to clean up a busy layout. If structured correctly, drop-down menus can be a great navigation tool and user friendly. The dropdown menu structure should be clear especially the root item as it need to represent what are the items it contains.

html link and css
HTML hyperlinks a.k.a links is a word, a combination of words or an images that user can click to jump to another pages or documents. Usually to identify a links in web, the cursor will turn to a little hand when it hover to the links text or images. In HTML, the most important attributes to create a links is <a>.

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wamp install
WAMP server stand for Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP is one of the popular web server package used by many developer. WAMP server help developer to transform the personal computer to act as an development server by running the PHP, Apache and MySQL services. There are several alternative such as MAMP (for Mac), XAMPP etc. Download latest WAMP server from here: WAMP Server Homepage.

qr generator
QR Codes had been invented almost 20 years ago by Denso Wave, one of the Japanese company owned by Toyota. Today, these 2D images are best known for encoding URLs and many mobile apps able to scan these code. QR Codes able to handle several types of information encoding such as email, SMS, URLs, vCard etc. So, in this tutorial, i'll discuss on how to create a system that generate QR code using the Google Chart API.

dropbox backup2
Cloud Storage has been widely accepted and used by millions of internet users especially those that have more than one electronic device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone etc.). With all those types of new gadget and devices, the access to information and file sharing has become more practical with the cloud storage technology. For me, I used cloud storage as a place for me to backup my data. Maybe some of the internet users used flash drive or external hard disc as a medium to do backup for their data. This tutorial will briefly discuss on how to use the Dropbox cloud storage as a medium to backup data from your computer or any mobile devices.

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation semantic of any document or data written in markup language especially in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Implementing a background for website especially any picture look very simple but how to ensure it can fix and properly display in any screen resolution. These tutorials discuss a simple CSS3 property and value that can handle the background of any website by fluid the background and fix it into any screen resolution.

mac os print screen
Print Screen in Mac OSX (Mavericks) quite different from Windows based machine as Apple does not provide any “PrtScn” button on their keyboard. However, the print screen function is available with several combination of key from the keyboard. There are 3 different methods to capture the screen in Mac OSX.

1word to pdf
Converting a Microsoft Word document to PDF is easy since there is a lot of free online converter available ready to convert your document. However, users need to attach the document and submit to the website system in order to get the PDF format document. If the document is confidential document, it is not advisable to upload the document to any website that provide free online PDF converter. Microsoft already produce plug-in for Microsoft Office to save / save as document as PDF without internet connection.

windows os print screen
Print screen is very important for users to capture something in the screen. Usually, users will used the print screen key a.k.a “PrtScn” to capture the screenshot and copy it into clipboard. However, the print screen button will capture the whole screen and users need to edit the screenshot according to the requirement.

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